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My goal and mission for “Autism Wellness Resources” website is to build a top quality information sharing and a plethora of testimonials of what parents are trying beyond traditional allopathic medicine and their results.  So, please log in to the website (which is directly linked to and tell your stories of your successes with your children.  It will be simple to add too and should not take over a few minutes to write down your comments.  Please note that if the response is good enough, it will be turned into a second book so that the Autism community of parents can read first hand on what resources are available and the successes other parents are having with the various treatments.

So, again, I NEED YOUR INPUT on the condition of your child and what non-invasive treatment options that are working for you and your recommendations for other parents that need to know your story.

Please go to either or

Thank you.

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Thank you for your input.  This data will be added to a 2nd edition to this book to get your success stories out.