Autism Wellness Resources
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Tony Meehleis

School Psychologist, Grandfather, Father, Autism specialist

Irvine, ca





I have worked with children most of my life and been a parent of 2 children, 2 step-children and have 9 grandchildren.  For the past 20 years, I have been a teacher and school psychologist in California.  I have seen firsthand the increases in the numbers and severity of disabilities in this young generation.  I was impacted profoundly and decided to research and to write a book about the causes and treatments for autism and ADHD.

My mission is to develop this website to be an excellent resource of knowledge about the possible causes, comorbid conditions, and non-invasive treatments.  Many parents are searching for answers which are hard to find.  Attached to this site is so parents have a place to share what is working for their children and read about other information from other parents.  This communication will expand the base of knowledge to many more parents. 

We are in a generational crisis and parents need answers to find solutions for their disabled children.

In Spirit & Joy,

Tony Meehleis